Program Overview

GLEON 19 All Hands' Meeting, 27 November  1 December 2017, Lake Mohonk, NY USA

Tentative Program Outline:
  • 26 November: travel day (for students attending GSA Workshop)
  • 27 November: Workshop led by GLEON Student Association (GSA), Machine Learning Workshop, a workshop organized by NYC Department of Environmental Protection on the Carbon/Natural Organic Matter (NOM) Challenge: Disinfection By-Product Concerns for Drinking Water (in planning), travel day for all other G19 participants
  • 28 November: G19 Opening & Working Group Meetings
  • 29 November: G19 Working Group, Ad hoc/New groups Meetings
  • 30 November: G19 Working Group, Ad hoc/New groups Meetings, Steering Committee report back
  • 1 December: G19 Field trip & excursions, departures, and travel day
  • 2-3 December: Post-G19 Bayesian Statistics Workshop for graduate students and postdocs at the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies (limited space, application required)

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